Google I/O Binary Clock

My first post on this blog came almost an year ago during Google I/O 2013 and I remember sharing a video on this post about markdown of Addy Osmani talking about ways to increase your productivity with chrome. I’m really excited about Google I/O this year and after the WWDC where Tim Cook clearly took a dig at Android and Google in general, I can’t wait for Google to strike back 😛

To be honest, I have a lot of expectations, we might see the Google smart watch , newer version of Android (I hope it’s Android Laddoo :D) and ofcourse refurbished Nexus line of tabs and may be a phone.

I was just going through their schedule where I was amazed to see a binary count-down timer.

Binary Clock Google IO


A binary clock is quite simply a binary coded decimal clock.  There are placeholders for bits for units and tens digit of the hour, minute and seconds hand. This image from wikipedia clearly illustrates how the time is coded.BCD Clock illustration

The bits add up to decimal digits to get the time.


Now, there are really fancy countdown timers loaded with CSS and javascript, but this looked so minimalist and elegant, I had to get the source code for it. It took me about 30 minutes to narrow down the necessary javascript and CSS files required and tidy up the code a little bit, but I finally have the code shared on GitHub. You can check out the live demo over here.