The Escherian Stairwell

I was just skimming through some videos on youtube the other day when I came across this one :

This is about an urban legend called the Escherian Stairwell which purpotedly loops to itself. One such stairwells is actually installed in the Rochester Institute of Technology which they claim to show in the video above.

I did some background check on the authenticity of the stairwell and found out this particularly interesting article.


The term “Escherian” refers to the works of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, whose prints and drawings often included impossible objects and paradoxical architectural features such as never-ending stairways (also known as Penrose stairs).


The video is not made in a continuous shot and obviously this kind of a structure is not possible in 3D. It’s only one of the “paradoxical architectural features” given by Escher, but nonetheless quite intriguing 😉

The video shared in this post was put together by a student of RIT to highlight the many myths and interesting facts about the campus.